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Immunization, or vaccination, helps prevent dangerous and sometimes deadly diseases. To stay protected against serious illnesses like the flu, measles, and pneumonia, adults need to get their shots – just like kids do. READ MORE >>

Reducing Health Insurance cost for the small business!  Have you been renewing your health insurance policy year after year with the same old policies with a typical increase? Business owners with 2-50 employees- there are lots of new options that are changing quarterly. Savings for you and your employees! READ MORE >>

  How do you know if your retirement plan is on track? Fidelity released a guide (How much do I need to save for retirement? 3/16/16) to help you with your retirement plan savings.1 According to the guide, by age 30 you should have at least one time your current salary saved. READ MORE >>

  Feeling a little "insecure" when it comes to understanding Social Security benefits? Apparently, you're not alone. Did you know that 41% of men and 46% of women lock in the lowest Social Security benefit possible by starting benefits as soon as they become eligible? READ MORE >>

Sweet, Sweet Insurance!   They are fuzzy, sweet, and a delicious treat- they’re peaches! The month of August is Peach month. Here at Cosmo Insurance (where your experience is always sweet) we thought we would share our favorite peach recipes. READ MORE >>

Owning your own business means having to make difficult decisions to keep your business moving forward. Sometimes that means taking out a business loan to pay for enhancements (e.g. a new facility or enhanced equipment), to take advantage of unexpected opportunities or to cover unplanned expenses. READ MORE >>

  Life insurance is a hard topic to talk about, but it does need to be addressed. It is a serious issue once someone starts depending on your income. Meaning, when you pass, will your loved ones be financially secure without you?  Having a life insurance policy will insure that your family does not have to worry about your finances. READ MORE >>

Relax! Open Enrollment is coming soon!   Today is National Relaxation Day! Take a load off, stretch out on the couch and practice some deep breathing. Maybe binge watch that series you’ve been meaning to watch? Whether your form of relaxation is taking a dip in a pool, taking in some rays, or eating some yummy food- today is the NATIONAL day to do that. READ MORE >>

5 signs that you should visit your dentist Certain symptoms should be a cause for concern and trigger you to schedule an appointment at the dentist. If you are currently managing a chronic condition like diabetes, oral symptoms can be a sign of something more serious. READ MORE >>

 The Open Enrollment window is right around the corner and its duration is shorter than ever. During this time, you can shop for individual health insurance plans for about 45 days from November 1, 2018 to December 15, 2018. READ MORE >>

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