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When you are younger, it’s easy to imagine living a long and healthy life. However, as you get older, reality sets in and you begin to realize that an accident or illness can happen at any moment that could drastically change your financial situation. READ MORE >>

Owning your own business means having to make difficult decisions to keep your business moving forward. Sometimes that means taking out a business loan to pay for enhancements (e.g. a new facility or enhanced equipment), to take advantage of unexpected opportunities or to cover unplanned expenses. READ MORE >>

A super-easy and healthy Greek-inspired summer salad that takes minutes to prepare! INGREDIENTS FOR THE SALAD: 3-1/2 cups sliced cucumbers (about 1 large English cucumber or 2 regular-sized cucumbers) 1/2 cup sliced red or yellow onion 2 cups chopped tomatoes (about 4 Roma tomatoes) READ MORE >>

Everyone wants to know that all of our hard work will go on to make it just a little easier for the ones that we leave behind. To know that we not only made memories but also help bring peace, protection and stability to those we love or the businesses that we built. READ MORE >>

  Sure, you’ve probably seen "seeking peace of mind" articles before. They usually show someone in a yoga pose, serenely meditating in a perfectly clean room (just like this). But you’re a parent now. Even if that picture represented the peaceful solitude you would find refreshing, you know your life is wonderfully not about you anymore. READ MORE >>

Does planning for retirement have you too overwhelmed to even start? The key is understanding the challenges, the available solutions and where to turn for help. Take these steps to get moving. Step 1: Understanding the Challenges The first step in developing your retirement plan is understanding the challenges you can expect to face. READ MORE >>

Investing your money in a qualified plan can be overwhelming if you’re unsure which fund portfolios to pick. If you’re feeling stuck, take our risk profile questionnaire to treat risk-a-phobia. The attached questionnaire will help you make informed choices when looking over available investment options by helping you to address two important questions: READ MORE >>

  Each summer, millions of Americans celebrate July 4 as Independence Day. While we collectively honor our country’s political independence, individual Americans struggle daily for financial independence. READ MORE >>

Our income is one of the most important things we work for. Not only does it allow us to pay for the essentials such as homes, cars and food, it also allows us to do fun things like vacations, concerts, games or other activities. It can take years to accumulate the wealth we need for the lifestyle we desire. READ MORE >>

  Today marks the first day of summer and summer solstice. “Solstice” comes from the Latin solsitium, or “sun stands still.” The sun stands still on the solstice because it has reached the highest point in the sky. This happens because the Earth is tilted as far as it goes towards the sun. READ MORE >>

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