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Open Enrollment is right around the corner starting November 1, 2019. During this time, individuals can shop for health insurance plans until December 15, 2019. Contact an insurance broker at Cosmo Insurance Agency, to do the grunt of the work for you. But before that, you need to prepare for open enrollment: READ MORE >>

One of the benefits we gain access to once married is a family health insurance plan. These plans may offer financial advantages because there is more than one person covered on the plan. If one partner has health insurance through his or her employer, this is usually the most affordable choice. READ MORE >>

Making sure your children are vaccinated is an important step towards ensuring their long-term health. Vaccinations help protect the health of classmates, friends, relatives and others in the community. They are now widely used to keep the world healthy and disease free. READ MORE >>

Pregnant moms have a lot to keep up with. Between extra doctor visits and preparing for a new family member, oral health care can fall by the wayside. Remind yourself that oral health during pregnancy should still be a priority. Visiting the dentist consistently allows them to keep tabs of any changes in the health of your mouth. READ MORE >>

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Medical experts are warning that binge-watching shows on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are bad for your brain, your body and your relationships. “I hate to talk about this because I myself even occasionally do binge-watch. READ MORE >>

  The Right agent can make all the difference in obtaining proper coverage for your insurance needs at significantly reduced premiums. Our staff at Cosmo has knowledgeable agents that put the full weight of their longstanding position in the industry at your disposal. READ MORE >>

Teeth are like fingerprints every set is unique. In fact, identical twins have different teeth sets. Thanks to teeth being unique, they can tell us about your age, past and even your habits.   Your teeth central incisors change as you age. Younger teeth are rectangular with round corners. READ MORE >>

Employers are having a tough time hanging on to quality workers. Aside from the costs of rehiring your businesses bottom line is taking a hit due to the lower level of service your new employees can provide. This is especially true in Healthcare industry where quality of care plays an integral role in patient satisfaction and also may affect ratings for your company. READ MORE >>

Having an up-to-date employee handbook is an important HR responsibility that employers cannot overlook. Sometimes, employers struggle to create and/or update their handbooks, because of not knowing what should be included in this document. But not having a handbook isn’t an option in today’s world of HR. READ MORE >>

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