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Earlier this year, burnout was added to the World Health Organization's list of official medical diagnoses. Burnout can occur when we face chronic work stress, explained David Ballard, senior director of the American Psychological Association's Office of Applied Psychology. READ MORE >>

You will always hear the question, where were you on September 11?  And everyone will always know the answer. It is a day that America will never forget, but it is also a day that American children born afterwards do not know of. READ MORE >>

Can I Still Get Health Insurance for 2019? Yes, you can get health insurance but only if you qualify Special Enrollment Period. Here is how you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period: Changes in household You may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period if you or anyone in your household in the past 60 days: READ MORE >>

Today World Suicide Prevention Day, this day dedicated to raising awareness of the risks of suicide. According to the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP), every year suicide is among the top 20 leading causes of death globally. It is responsible for over 800,000 deaths, which equates to one suicide every 40 seconds. READ MORE >>

To get the most of your insurance, you should choose a dentist who participates in your network plan.   Why choose an in-network dentist?   · Discounts. network dentists agree to accept predetermined fees for services, which are usually discounted from typical charges. READ MORE >>

FSA’s and HSAs are pre-taxed accounts you can use to pay for healthcare related expenses. FSA stands for flexible spending account and HSA stands for health savings account. To qualify for an HAS you must have a high deductible health plan. With both FSA’s and HSAs, you can pay for things like co-pays medical bills and vision expenses. READ MORE >>

The New York State Department of Financial Services has just released its final determinations on the premium contribution rate and maximum contribution for New York State Paid Family Lease (PFL) Program in 2020. -       The Premium Contribution Rate will now be 0. READ MORE >>

Mark your calendars! Open Enrollment for 2020 begins November 1, 2019 and ends December 15, 2019. Open Enrollment is a period when individuals can enroll for new health insurance. This period of time is very important because one cannot enroll or change insurances outside of this period. READ MORE >>

It’s important to understand the reasons why medical claims get denied by insurance companies so you can prevent them in the future.   Incorrect Patient Information Some of the most common mistakes that can cause a claim to deny due to incorrect patient identifier information are: READ MORE >>

Offering employee benefits are one of your largest business expenses. So, it makes sense to choose a broker who is as invested in your company as you are, rather than just pulling a name out of a hat, it’s as important to vet and interview potential brokers as it is the employees you hire. READ MORE >>

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