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Cosmo Insurance Agency has helped people from all walks of life.  We have been involved with helping clients with their hospital bills when insurance companies are backed up. Recently we had a client whose son had emergency surgery.  He thought that the insurance plan he had would cover it, but it did not. READ MORE >>

    1.       Retirees avoid life insurance:  Life insurance companies know that it’s harder to maintain health when you’re older.  Because of that, they’re a bit more lenient when deciding which health class you qualify for. READ MORE >>

Have a lot questions about purchasing life insurance? We created this info graph for potential customers who are thinking about buying life insurance:   Cosmo Insurance can help you sign up for life insurance all year round.  We have qualified brokers who can answer any questions you have about life insurance. READ MORE >>

    Yesterday, Cosmo Insurance Agency held its holiday party at Estreia.  The team had an amazing time eating, learning more about each other, and playing games.  Celebrating together is a great opportunity for our employees to get to know one another. READ MORE >>

Winter is coming and that means flu season is coming along with it.  The flu does not discriminate who it infects.  Workers miss approximately 5 days a year due to the flu which amounts to $200 a year.  There are ways to prevent and prepare for the upcoming flu season. 1. READ MORE >>

    This is a day to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a document that proclaimed the inalienable rights which everyone is inherently entitled to as a human being-regardless of race, color, religion, sex, language, political, national origin, property, birth or other status. READ MORE >>

     There have been some changes in New Jerseys health care system.  Cosmo Insurance Agency is always up to date on the changes happening in insurance.  We have brokers here ready to answer any questions you have. Here is some changes that are happening right now.. READ MORE >>

  Talking about insurance can be extremely confusing and can sound like a different language.  At Cosmo Insurance Agency we make it easy to understand for you.  Here is a cheat sheet of terms to know when talking about insurance: Premium- Monthly bill to your insurance company READ MORE >>