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When it comes to brushing our teeth, dentists are saying we are doing it wrong. Dentists say you need to make sure you are brushing more than just two times a day. Try brushing for 2 minutes each time to help remove plaque, plaque forms naturally after you finished eating but some foods are worse than others. READ MORE >>

The thought of sitting in a dentist's chair for most people makes them nervous and anxious. But it’s something everyone needs go at least for their routine checkups. Here are some signs that you need to see a dentist: 1. You have pain: if you have pain in your mouth or jaw, it can be from a toothache. READ MORE >>

Have you just been told you need a root canal? Here’s a great visual of to what a root canal is and what to expect during the procedure. Give Cosmo a call and ask about our dental group insurance plans that have very competitive rates. Their coverage is particularly generous when used out of network, compared to individual plans. READ MORE >>

  Your oral health is just as important as your body's overall health.  Certain signs can tell you that you need to visit the dentist.  If you are experiencing one of these five signs, call your dentist and schedule an appointment today: 1. Bleeding after brushing or flossing READ MORE >>

With wings so light and a crown so bright the tooth fairy comes into the night to take your little ones teeth for a flight!      Today is National Tooth Fairy Day, and what better day to discuss dental insurance? At Cosmo Insurance Agency we offer a variety of dental insurance plans! READ MORE >>

We’ve used it to kindle our flames, to filter our water, and now to clean our faces: Its charcoal. The latest and greatest beauty trend that is sweeping not only the nation, but the world. Advertisements of people with gleaming white teeth bombard your social media pages as do pictures of their stunning and acne free faces. READ MORE >>

What you should know about dental insurance and ways you can save on care: Dental insurance differs from medical benefits: Dental insurance has great preventative treatment benefits. Almost all dental plans cover preventative services like cleanings, x-rays, and check-ups. READ MORE >>

High turnover rates are costly to businesses of all sizes. With more employees working as knowledge workers, each time you train them, they become more specialized. The possibility of losing one employee also means that you may lose all the knowledge they have about your business and systems. READ MORE >>

Dental health is directly connected to your overall health. Researchers are finding more reasons why you should be brushing and flossing regularly. A healthy mouth decreases your risk of getting medical disorders. READ MORE >>

  In order for you children to practice good dental care, you have to lead by example.  Follow these five tips to keep your kids teeth healthy: Your kids learn how to practice good dental care from you.  Show your kids how brushing your teeth and flossing everyday will keep their smile fresh and beautiful. READ MORE >>

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