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Cosmo Insurance Agency Blog: dental insurance

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1. Dental insurance benefits differ from each plan: Most dental insurance plans cover all preventative care. This includes cleanings, x-rays, and check-ups.  When it comes to fillings and periodontal cleanings, most plans cover up to 80% of the cost. READ MORE >>

Dental Insurance offers preventative care to keep your smile bright and pristine. But are you taking advantage of all the benefits? Apparently not everyone is. One in four people say that they haven't received a routine cleaning in over 12 months. That's quite a long time. READ MORE >>

What better way to celebrate National Dentist’s Day than to sign up for dental insurance.  Why do you need dental insurance? Getting something as little as getting a cavity filled can be costly.  Imagine if you had to get a root canal.  A root canal can cost up to $2,500.  READ MORE >>

Attention red wine lovers: Researches have found that red wine can protect your oral health. Red wine is known for its health benefits including: keeping the brain young, keeping our hormone health in check, and preventing heart disease.  Now, reasearchers from Spain have found another benefit tied to drinking red wine. READ MORE >>

High turnover rates are costly to businesses of all sizes. With more employees working as knowledge workers, each time you train them, they become more specialized. The possibility of losing one employee also means that you may lose all the knowledge they have about your business and systems. READ MORE >>

  Diabetes makes it harder for your body to fight off infection, including gum disease. “Uncontrolled blood sugar lowers the healing response, which makes repairing gums and fighting off infection that much harder,” says Dr. Benjamin A. Lawlor of Maine Cosmetic Dentistry near Portland, Maine. READ MORE >>

  Cosmo Insurance Agency wants to wish you a Happy National Tooth Fairy Day to you and your children! Are you asking yourself how this day came to be? Well the tooth fairy was a role model to children since the mid-1920s where advertisements would use images of a tooth f... READ MORE >>

Throughout an individual's lifetime, it is common to pick up a bad habit here or there. Usually people just do it without realizing what is happening. But did you know that these little habits could actually affecting your health? Cosmo Insurance Agency would like to share with you this list of bad habits and how they can affect you. READ MORE >>