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Cosmo Insurance Agency Blog: disability insurance

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At Cosmo Insurance we pride ourselves on our wide range of insurance options. One insurance we offer is disability insurance. Disability insurance is used to cover part of an individual’s income should they get injured and are no longer able to work. READ MORE >>

Disability insurance is a necessity.  Life throws unexpected curve balls.  You can keep your body healthy by eating a nutritious, balances diet and staying active. Most medical conditions are caused by an unexpected illness.  Having disability insurance protects you from the costly medical bills. READ MORE >>

Any major life change sends a ripple effect through your finances — especially a divorce. Insurance matters may seem trivial next to the emotional upheaval of ending a marriage. But minding the details now can prevent financial pain later. Here’s a look at three insurance changes to address after a divorce. READ MORE >>

 Disability insurance is a type of insurance that is available to provide income in the event a worker can no longer perform their work due to a disability. Oftentimes this disability prevents them from making money for a period of time (or in some cases for much longer periods). READ MORE >>

Individual disability insurance is simply income protection. You can’t predict what your health will be in the future. You may stay active and eat healthily, but most disabilities are actually caused by unexpected illnesses, such as cancer, and accidents.   READ MORE >>

When you love what you do, 10 years fly by, according to Mark Herschlag, founder and CEO of Cosmo Insurance Agency. What began as a business in his basement in Lakewood, New Jersey, has since grown into a larger entity with multiple offices including one in Hackensack.   READ MORE >>

As you probably know your primary health insurance covers your basic medical expenses like doctors’ visits, lab tests and prescription drugs. But your medical plan can’t cover everything. A separate plan that offers additional benefits is called a secondary insurance.   READ MORE >>

While life insurance protects your family should you die. Disability insurance protects the family should you lose the ability to work.   Disability insurance helps provide security. It pays out monthly income to help protect the family home, savings accounts, retirement funds and other assets should you become disabled. READ MORE >>

Disability insurance provides income replacement in the event that an insured becomes disabled.  Disability insurance includes a variety of different benefits to best meet the needs of sick or injured individuals. Most plans include paid sick leave, short-term disability benefits and long-term disability benefits. READ MORE >>

Disability insurance provides a portion of your income in the event that you are disabled and cannot work. Unlike workers’ compensation which provides benefits such as, partial wage replacement if you get hurt on the clock. Disability insurance provides partial wage replacement if you become ill or disabled away from work, and can’t work. READ MORE >>

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