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  Changes to Coverage of Oral-Combined Contraceptives Due to Wide Range of Generic Alternatives: Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey manages pharmacy benefits to encourage the safe and appropriate use of prescription medicines. We are changing the way that we provide coverage for brand READ MORE >>

CVS plans to focus on chronic kidney disease and dialysis CVS Health (CVS) has announced a new plan that will focus on chronic kidney disease and dialysis.  Their hope is to start driving innovation in the management of chronic disease to improve the outcomes of patients while improving costs. READ MORE >>

The health care industry is currently shifting towards a more digital experience. You can see this shift in apps like FitBit and Fitness Pal. Health care companies also offer apps that share your health data. Up in coming health care apps include: Red Cross First Aid, John Hopkins ABX Guide, UpToDate, and Micromedex. READ MORE >>

  Walmart in talks to buy Humana Walmart Inc. is in talks to buy insurer Humana Inc.  No one is certain if this deal will happen, but if it does it will be a huge value.  Humana is currently worth around $37 billion on the market. Purchasing Humana can significantly push Walmart’s integration into health care. READ MORE >>

Israel plans to announce big data health project.   Almost all of Israel’s nine million citizens belong to four health maintenance organizations (HMOs) who keep members’ records digitally.  This is a huge benefit to the medical field since they can see members data easily and readily. READ MORE >>

Cigna announces the purchase of Express Scripts. They hope to create an expanded portfolio of health services that offers greater choices, alignment and value for everyone that they serve. With more comprehensive health and well-being engagement between healthcare professionals and those th... READ MORE >>

      According to an article posted on Harvard’s website, the U.S. spent nearly twice as much on health care as other high income countries yet had poorer population health outcomes in 2016. Source: Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Harvard Global Health Institute, London School of Economics. READ MORE >>

  Lyft has announced that it will be teaming up with Allscripts, one of the nation’s leading electronic health records companies, integrate its platform into the daily routines of 2,500 hospitals, 45,000 physician practices and 180,000 physicians, reaching an estimated 7 million patients. READ MORE >>

Albertson Purchases The Remaining Rite Aid Stores Albertsons has just announced that they will be purchasing the remaining Rite Aid stores.  This means that most Albertsons pharmacies will be rebranded as Rite Aid. The combined companies will have about 4,900 stores, including 4,350 pharmacy locations, in 38 states. READ MORE >>

UnitedHealth and Walgreens Team up to Create Urgent Care Centers in Their Drugstores   UnitedHealth and Walgreens plan to connect primary care with their drug stores.  As of right now this is just a test run and is only operating in sixteen locations. READ MORE >>

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