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Pizza and Compliments Can Motivate Your Employees   A study done by Dan Ariely proved that pizza can be a huge motivator for employees to get work done.  Ariely wrote a book called Payoff: The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations and it went into exactly what the experiment entailed and what the outcome was. READ MORE >>

It is an exciting time to start a small business and there are a ton of benefits when owning one.  One thing to keep in mind is providing insurance for your employees. Why, you might ask? Because disaster can strike at any minute. If you own a small restaurant; a waitress can slit her finger on a knife and have to make a trip to the emergency room. READ MORE >>

Employee Legal Awareness Day was established to emphasize the importance of legal education for employees and small businesses and reduce their risk of legal problems. The day isn’t only about laws though; employees should increase their awareness of their company’s policies. READ MORE >>

Employee Benefits are more important than employee wellness programs New Research finds that employees are not using wellness programs regardless of the benefits and cost.  Wellness programs are usually implemented to improve employees’ health and lower their employer’s health care cost. READ MORE >>

Having fun at work is important for being productive.  Most importantly, you should get managements permission before celebrating too hard.  Having fun at work is beneficial to both employers and employees.  Everyone knows that happy employees are better employees. READ MORE >>

Americans who get health insurance through their jobs are not using more medical care than they were five years ago, but they are spending more due to soaring medical prices, according to a new report. Americans have seen a rise in medical prices. READ MORE >>

  A benefits administrator selects, manages and administers employee benefits programs.  A good benefits administrator creates and maintains an enrollment profile for every employee, keeping track of information such as the date hired, marital status, number of dependents, total hours worked, and attendance records. READ MORE >>

  Only eleven percent of employees are encouraged to take mental health days.  We can all agree that work is stressful. Stress can really take a toll on someone’s mental health.  A November 2017 survey Bridge by Instructure, Inc. READ MORE >>

Better Choices Better Care New Jersey has created a report analyzing ways to progress New Jersey to affordable, quality health care.  They know how healthcare is constantly changing, especially with the ever changing bills and laws coming from the White House. READ MORE >>