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Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker has signed a law that would require insurance companies to cover costs for kids needing EpiPen injections for cases of severe allergic reactions. House Bill 3435 will take effect January 1, and would require companies offering health insurance policies in Illinois to pay for "medically necessary epinephrine injectors for persons 18 years of age or under. READ MORE >>

Open Enrollment is right around the corner starting November 1, 2019. During this time, individuals can shop for health insurance plans until December 15, 2019. Contact an insurance broker at Cosmo Insurance Agency, to do the grunt of the work for you. But before that, you need to prepare for open enrollment: READ MORE >>

One of the benefits we gain access to once married is a family health insurance plan. These plans may offer financial advantages because there is more than one person covered on the plan. If one partner has health insurance through his or her employer, this is usually the most affordable choice. READ MORE >>

  The Right agent can make all the difference in obtaining proper coverage for your insurance needs at significantly reduced premiums. Our staff at Cosmo has knowledgeable agents that put the full weight of their longstanding position in the industry at your disposal. READ MORE >>

When you have a health or dental insurance plan, depending on your policy, many have a deductible. What is a deductible, you ask. Well a deductible is the amount of money you have to pay before the insurance company will start to help with your medical bills.   How does a deductible work? READ MORE >>

As you start to prepare for the upcoming school year, don’t forget to add health insurance to your checklist.  There are many affordable and simple options for getting health insurance. As a college student here are some options that are available for you:   1. READ MORE >>

What is it health insurance? Why is it so necessary? Well for starters, health insurance, like all insurances is about going on a boat with a life jacket. You wear the life jacket as protection in case of the unexpected. You don’t want the ship to go down or expect it to happen, but you are prepared for the inevitable. READ MORE >>

It's hard to believe that Fall is near. And, what does Fall mean? Open enrollment! Open Enrollment is a period of time when individuals or groups can enroll in a new insurance plan or obtain a new one. This period of time is so valuable because one cannot enroll or change an insurance plan at will during any other period of time. READ MORE >>

The annual open enrollment period to enroll in health insurance usually falls around November 1st to December 15th. Outside of these dates, only eligible individuals can enroll in a health insurance policy if they qualify for special enrollment period (SEP). READ MORE >>

We at Cosmo Insurance Agency love answering all of your insurance questions. Here are the 5 "trending" concepts our clients assume about insurance but are actually false. We compiled this quick short list of debunked assumptions:   Assumption #1: You can jump onto an individual insurance plan whenever you want. READ MORE >>

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