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In the middle of major life changes, your health insurance plan shouldn’t keep you up at night. Open enrollment isn’t the only time you can change your health insurance coverage. Watch the video below to learn more:     Cosmo Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency serving surrounding communities in New Jersey. READ MORE >>

The CDC has some advice you should note before you do your meal prep this weekend: Stop washing raw chicken. The agency sent out a very direct tweet letting people know in no uncertain terms that washing chicken before cooking it is unnecessary. "Don't wash your raw chicken! READ MORE >>

HR challenges can be a real hindrance to your business’ growth. It’s easy to overlook key revenue-generating opportunities when you’re distracted by your HR to-dos. The good news: There’s help out there – it’s called a professional employer organization (PEO). READ MORE >>

Affiliated Physicians & Employers Health Plan is now called Members Health Plan and announced that they have new business rates that are now available.   In order to make the transition as easy as possible, they will be deferring the July renewals to October 1, 2019.   Renewals READ MORE >>

  Most annual checkups with an OBGYN include a lot of the same things – a look at your vagina and cervix with the help of a speculum, a Pap smear, a manual breast exam, and STI testing. But that doesn’t mean your appointment is just something to check off your to-do list. READ MORE >>

Complex medical bills can make your eyes glaze over. Still, it’s important to review your paperwork and understand what you’re being charged for because mistakes do happen. Although unfamiliar terms and code make errors harder to spot, a little confidence and a few tips can help you catch them. READ MORE >>

Cosmo is now offering a PEO solution tailored specifically for the 1 - 9 employee segment. As a PEO for over two decades, they have the HR expertise, employee benefit solutions, and simpler technology this market segment requires.   The HR Solutions You Need - Simplified Pricing READ MORE >>

As some of you may know, May is mental health awareness month. This month isn’t to remind those who are living with mental illness to be aware of something they live with every day. instead this month is to bring awareness to everyone else. Let’s end the ignorance of accepting only physical illnesses as worthy of sympathy and understanding. READ MORE >>

OMINA Health Plans are now better than ever. OMNIA health plans have helped employees save with leading providers in New Jersey. Now the most innovative plans include the out-of-state coverage at a competitive price.   READ MORE >>

1. Sour Candies It’s not surprising that candy is bad for your mouth. But sour candy contains more and different kinds of acids that are tougher on your teeth. Plus, because they’re chewy, they stick to your teeth for a longer time, so they’re more likely to cause decay. READ MORE >>

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