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Life insurance is a hard topic to talk about, but it has to be addressed. When you pass, will your loved ones be financially secure without you?  Having a life insurance policy will ensure that your family does not have to worry about finances. This is why life insurance is so important. READ MORE >>

If your parents or grandparents had previously purchased a whole life, universal life or variable universal life insurance policy for you, the policy's cash value could help with a down payment.  Whole life insurance provides affordable permanent protection for your family and has a savings component that builds cash value. READ MORE >>

Many companies offer group life insurance to their employees as part of their benefits package. While group life insurance is a valuable part of the financial profile, it may not be fully covering you like you thought, and, often at a higher cost. Benefits Group life insurance can be beneficial because it features: READ MORE >>

When you apply for a life insurance policy, you’re asked a number of questions: age, sex, weight, family medical history, personal health history, fitness level, smoking habits, avocations, etc. The information you provide helps to determine your life insurance premium. READ MORE >>

If your employer offers insurance in its employee benefits package, you’ll need to decide which options you want, and which ones are not for you. New employees are generally offered benefits after they are initially hired and pass a probationary period. READ MORE >>

Both health and life insurance are essential to healthy finances. At some point in our lives, you will get sick. Even if you are relatively healthy now, unexpected illness or injury can happen and hurt your finances. Health insurance covers those costly medical bills.  READ MORE >>

Have you ever wondered if you can deduct your life insurance premiums from your taxes, as you can do with health insurance premiums? Tax deductions are dollar amounts you can subtract from your taxable income when you file your tax return each year. READ MORE >>

1. Give Your Diet a Berry Boost If you do one thing this summer to improve your diet, have a cup of mixed fresh berries -- blackberries, blueberries, or strawberries -- every day. They'll help you load up on antioxidants, which may help prevent damage to tissues and reduce the risks of age-related illnesses. READ MORE >>

Any major life change sends a ripple effect through your finances — especially a divorce. Insurance matters may seem trivial next to the emotional upheaval of ending a marriage. But minding the details now can prevent financial pain later. Here’s a look at three insurance changes to address after a divorce. READ MORE >>

When shopping around for a life insurance policy, you may be overwhelmed by the options available to you. Understanding how much an average life insurance policy costs is a step in the right direction. Here’s everything you need to know about the premiums you’ll come across in your search: READ MORE >>

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