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1. Clothing  If your loved one can leave the nursing home for a short amount of time, a quick trip to the store and some new clothes might boost her spirits. If she/he can’t get out, maybe surprising them with a few items you think they might like, or help them with online shopping.  READ MORE >>

Life throws many unexpected things at all of us. While we usually can't stop these things from occurring, we can opt to give our lives a bit of protection. Insurance is meant to give us some measure of protection, at least financially, should a disaster happen. READ MORE >>

Good insurance coverage is important to good financial planning Most of us insure our car, house, personal property, health, life and income. Insurance for these risks is straightforward, standardized and easy to find. When it comes to paying for long-term health care, though, it’s hard to know if you need insurance in the first place. READ MORE >>

If you are in need for long-term care insurance you should start looking in your 50s or early 60s before premiums rise. Usually by the time you reach 65, chances are that you will require paid long-term care. if you pay out pocket, you can spend on average close to $140,000. “About 7. READ MORE >>

1. You want the ability to access quality care quickly. To access long-term care benefits, you must require help performing two out of the six activities of daily living. These are activities such as bathing, and dressing. As you age and start needing assistance with these items, many people rely on a spouse or other loved ones first. READ MORE >>

  Today at Cosmo Insurance, we are giving a shout out to all of our elderly customers! Happy Senior Citizen's Day! Take the time to vale yourself and those around you who are wise with elder wisdom and experience. As a quick reminder to our senior friends, we offer a variety of insurance that may be of use to your population. READ MORE >>

long term care insurance With rapid medical advancements, people are living longer than ever before—often well into their 80s or 90s. However, as people age, some will need more care than others. About 40 percent of retired adults are likely to spend time in a nursing home, or make use of another form of assisted living. READ MORE >>

Have you thought of your future? There has been an increase in the amount of people in need of some type of care at a long term care facility and the number is only expected to grow. About 3.2 million boomers celebrated their birthday last year and not that many have invested in long term care insurance, mainly because they believe its is too costly. READ MORE >>

Many people question whether or not they should max out their 401k. They think the best action is to save everything they have for the future. But in reality, it all depends on your financial situation. $18,000 is the maximum amount you can put into your 401k, your employer-sponsored account, if you are younger than 50. READ MORE >>

As more information becomes easier to access, the need for medical exams has decreased for life insurance. Insurers can accelerate the process of underwriting by accessing information pertaining to your prescriptions, your motor vehicle report, and other personal records. READ MORE >>

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