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Most people when they reach their senior-career level start to have issues balancing their work and life. Two studies have come to surface that focus on people ages 59 to 79 and the causes to why they stop or cut back on working. Work-Life Balance READ MORE >>

What can you do to prevent the aging process? If you look at your relatives’ medical histories, you can get an small idea of what’s in store for you. You can’t change your genetic code, it’s just what comes natural. READ MORE >>

Protein is what your body uses to build muscle and tissue. It helps to keep your immune system at 100%. Protein strengthens your body and everyone is trying to find a way to consume more of it. However, too much protein cause negative effects so make sure to limit yourself. READ MORE >>

Are you worried about funding your retirement? Life insurance may be the answer. Life insurance can provide tax-deferred growth, tax-free cash flow, and a tax-free death benefit. The tax-preferential treatment provided to life insurance allows an individual to have greater flexibility over whic... READ MORE >>

At Cosmo Insurance we always encourage using creative solutions in all aspects of health care. This of means creating combos and looking at the newest options available and it benefits everyone involved. Recently we had a client call us with concerns about not having Long-Term Care Insurance. READ MORE >>

By: Mark Herschlag Congratulations! You still feel young and energetic, but you’ve officially graduated the “young” stages of life. You are in your 40s through 60s, earning the honorary designation as being part of the “Sandwich Generation. READ MORE >>

When buying life insurance, it is quite important to read through the terms of the policy to determine just how fitting it is to your specific needs. One of the things to look at and compare among policies is the premium. READ MORE >>

When Should You Purchase Life Insurance? Pinpointing the right age and plan will help you save money. No one wants to admit that they could die prematurely. But the last thing you want is to not have the proper life insurance policy in place should disaster strike. READ MORE >>

Most people are painfully aware of the staggering health-care costs they're likely to face in retirement, and most are pretty worried about it — as they should be. For a 65-year-old healthy couple retiring this year, the average cost for health-care — including medical, de... READ MORE >>

With rapid medical advancements, people are living longer than ever before—often well into their 80s or 90s. However, as people age, some will need more care than others. About 40 percent of retired adults are likely to spend time in a nursing home, or make use of another form of assisted living. READ MORE >>

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