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Cosmo Insurance Agency Blog: open enrollment 2018

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  Open Enrollment is almost over, ending on December 15, and if you have decided you want to continue your current plan then you should take this time to review it.  Here is a few things you should keep in mind during Open Enrollment 2018. READ MORE >>

  Don’t let the news headlines confuse you, you can take charge of your own health plan. Here are key things to know before you enroll: Don’t procrastinate. With a shorter enrollment period and not much chance of extending it, you’re better off getting started now. READ MORE >>

Right now. we are in the midst of Open Enrollment 2018. People who don't have health insurance or are looking to get new insurance are shopping around for the best plan for themselves.  This being said, it's difficult to shop around without fully understanding what you are shopping for. READ MORE >>

    1. The basics Obamacare is available to consumers who don't get health insurance through Medicare, Medicaid or their employer. Last year, 289,000 residents signed up through the exchange, which amounts to about 4 percent of the overall health insurance market, according to the New Jersey Association of Health Plans, a trade group. READ MORE >>

    Time is flying! Open Enrollment 2018 is only one week away. Are you ready? Can you understand all of the concepts involved with Open Enrollment and reap the best benefits for yourself? Why would you add another item on your plate when you could have a broker handle everything for you. READ MORE >>