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Cosmo Insurance Agency Blog: open enrollment

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If your health insurance comes with one or more deductibles, you'll end up paying a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars if and when you need medical care. Understanding what this deductible is, how it works, when you have to pay it, and when you don’t have to pay it is part of using your health insurance wisely. READ MORE >>

 If your health insurance coverage comes through your spouse’s job, you may lose that coverage when he or she retires and goes on Medicare. You have several options for health insurance if you're losing your health insurance because your spouse is transitioning to Medicare.   READ MORE >>

In the middle of major life changes, your health insurance plan shouldn’t keep you up at night. Open enrollment isn’t the only time you can change your health insurance coverage. Watch the video below to learn more:     Cosmo Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency serving surrounding communities in New Jersey. READ MORE >>

HR challenges can be a real hindrance to your business’ growth. It’s easy to overlook key revenue-generating opportunities when you’re distracted by your HR to-dos. The good news: There’s help out there – it’s called a professional employer organization (PEO). READ MORE >>

Affiliated Physicians & Employers Health Plan is now called Members Health Plan and announced that they have new business rates that are now available.   In order to make the transition as easy as possible, they will be deferring the July renewals to October 1, 2019.   Renewals READ MORE >>

Cosmo is now offering a PEO solution tailored specifically for the 1 - 9 employee segment. As a PEO for over two decades, they have the HR expertise, employee benefit solutions, and simpler technology this market segment requires.   The HR Solutions You Need - Simplified Pricing READ MORE >>

The most important thing to consider is the type of treatment you may need, the ER is best equipped to see people with unexpected, intense and immediate symptoms or injuries, such as chest pain, difficulty breathing or serve bleeding. READ MORE >>

If you’re approaching 26 year sold, you may find yourself in looking for health insurance. Soon you’ll be on your own. In some cases, the solution for health insurance comes when your employer provides you with coverage. If this is not the case, then you will have to find your own health plan. READ MORE >>

As you probably know your primary health insurance covers your basic medical expenses like doctors’ visits, lab tests and prescription drugs. But your medical plan can’t cover everything. A separate plan that offers additional benefits is called a secondary insurance.   READ MORE >>

The Affordable Care Act created government subsidies to help low and middle-income people pay for health insurance. These subsidies help pay for monthly health insurance premiums, as well as costs like coinsurance, copays, and deductibles once you have health coverage. READ MORE >>

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