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Happy Memorial Day! Kick-off the Summer with this delicious vegetable dish.  It's packed full of vitamin and nutrients.  These balsamic roasted brussel sprouts go perfectly with a burger or potato salad.  All you need is a couple of ingredients to make this dish! READ MORE >>

National Women's Health Week is Coming Up: When was the last time you had a check-up? This week is National Women’s Health Week, kicking off with National Check-Up Day, encouraging women to take time to focus on their health and make their doctor appointments. READ MORE >>

You’ve been hurt and now are facing mobility concerns. You’re wondering how you will walk into your home or use the bathroom. How will you get out of bed each day? When you’re faced with this type of medical situation, one of the most important steps for you to take is to turn to your health insurance provider. READ MORE >>

When you become pregnant, you should be asking your health insurance provider a list of questions. Pregnancy is a beautiful and hectic time. It is in your best interest to be prepared as possible for pregnancy.  Take some time to speak with you health insurance provider to ensure that you know exactly what is covered while you are pregnant: READ MORE >>

This Flu Season May Continue Into The Summer With the strength of the flu this year, there is a chance that there will be a second wave of certain strains. There have been many strains causing havoc on the U.S. this year. There is a misconception that you are immune to the flu if you already had it. READ MORE >>

Diabetes alert day There are currently over 30 million people with type two diabetes.  Of those, 7 million are unaware that they have this disease. The American Diabetes Association urges everyone to take the diabetes risk test today.  Finding out you have diabetes early will keep you out of risk of going into diabetic shock. READ MORE >>

30 million people or 15% of US adults are estimated to have Chronic Kidney Disease   Chronic kidney disease affects thousands of women each year, a significantly higher number than the number of men affected. READ MORE >>

UnitedHealth and Walgreens Team up to Create Urgent Care Centers in Their Drugstores   UnitedHealth and Walgreens plan to connect primary care with their drug stores.  As of right now this is just a test run and is only operating in sixteen locations. READ MORE >>

How to keep your heart healthy There are many ways to protect your self from heart disease  Here are easy ways to keep your heart healthy: 1.       De-stress: Do things that keep your mind busy. Spend at least fifteen minutes a day practicing something you enjoy doing. READ MORE >>

It is looking like Alzheimer’s is another potential side effect of a sugary, Western-style diet. A study about the affects of a sugary diet and cognitive decline was published in the journal of Diabetologia.  It found that people with high blood sugar had a faster rate of cognitive decline than those with normal blood sugar. READ MORE >>

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