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When retirement is on the horizon and you’re itching to enjoy it, make sure to keep oral health top of mind. Don’t let your new lifestyle cause you to overlook the importance of proper dental care and dental coverage.   As with every stage of life, older adults face a unique set of oral health changes. READ MORE >>

         The concept of building investments sounds great on paper however, no one ever talks about how stressful and confusing the process can be. Everyone dreams of saving all of this money and being able to retire in a paradisiacal spot with a drink in hand. READ MORE >>

If you’re a 65-year-old couple retiring this year you’ll need even more than quarter of a million dollars to cover health care and medical expenses throughout retirement, according to Fidelity Investments’ annual cost estimate. READ MORE >>

Unfortunately, many people are not prepared financially for retirement.  According to a study done by GoBankingRates, about 42 percent of Americans have less than $10,000 saved for when they retire. Why so little savings?  People apart of the study stated that they did not have enough money to READ MORE >>

People who retire at the age of 65 need anywhere from $189,687-$214,565, on average, to pay for healthcare costs not covered by insurance. Most people think that Medicare will cover all their needs.  This is not the case. You still need to pay for premiums, deductibles, and co-pays. READ MORE >>

    Saving for retirement can be a headache.  People don't know where to begin and how much to save.  There are steps you can take to ensure you are saving enough for your lifestyle and goals for retirement.  Here are some 7 tips for saving for retirement.   READ MORE >>

If you’re over 65 and have worked for at least ten years in Medicare-covered employment, you'll qualify for Medicare. If you’re not yet eligible for Medicare, individual health insurance might be right for you. You’ll pay for it yourself, but you might qualify for financial assistance if you’re earning less during retirement. READ MORE >>

In the future or maybe right now, you are worrying about using up your savings and being a burden to your children. Long Term Care (LTC) insurance provides protection and coverage so you can set aside those worries. READ MORE >>

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