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The Trump Administrations three key ideas for lowering drug prices Here are three of the big ideas Azar laid out Monday, three days after President Trump unveiled a blueprint to lower the cost of prescription drugs that was criticized for being light on substance. 1. READ MORE >>

Congress is considering a $1.3 billion spending bill for health care programs this week.  This can create a huge impact on the health care industry.  The bill will also contribute $4 billion more into the opioid crisis, which is considered a national emergency said by Trump. READ MORE >>

  During a speech in New Hampshire on Monday, Alex Azar, said that he and President Trump hope to drop drug prices. Azar said that the government is  “going to be rolling out … a whole slate of other proposals around how we decrease the price of drugs and how we bring di... READ MORE >>

short-term health insurance plans will be extended   Trump has proposed short term health plans that are not a part of the Affordable Care Act’s benefit requirements and consumer protections.  Alex Azar said that the administration would rewrite federal rules that will extend the short term health plans to twelve months. READ MORE >>

  Alex Azar has been sworn in as President Trump’s second health secretary. His nomination was approved by the Senate last week, largely along party lines.  It was a 53-47 vote. Azar is a former drug company executive and official in George W. Bush’s administration. READ MORE >>

  Roundup of Trumps state of the union address:   President Donald Trump delivered his first State of the Union address yesterday night.  It was the eighth longest State of the Union speech in history.  He discussed his accomplishments over his first year in office and delivered proposals he hopes to achieve in the next year. READ MORE >>

Many people are signing up for health insurance and if you have no yet you should be thinking about it.  Do your research to find the right plan you.  There are many reasons why you should be purchasing health insurance, here is just a couple: 1. READ MORE >>

Seema Verma, head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, said requiring work involvement can benefit peoples lives and their health. The goal is to help people move from public assistance into jobs that provide health insurance. "We see people moving off of Medicaid as a good outcome," she said. READ MORE >>

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