Financial Services

Investment Solutions

In today’s heavily regulated market, tax benefits and investment dividends achieved through retirement plans can be significant. Many plans offer immediate dollar-for-dollar tax savings. But the rules are diverse and complex.

Cosmo Financial’s expert consultants can help you achieve your financial objectives through a host of wealth building investment strategies and a full range of variable products to help complement your current financial position. Call for an appointment at your convenience.

Employee Benefit Programs

Employer sponsored retirement plans can be a vital asset to your company as well as your employees providing significant tax incentives to save and invest for retirement. Cosmo Financial works closely with both small and large employers in the corporate and non-profit sectors to identify the proper plans for your company. Our broad range of programs include: 

  • 401Ks
  • Profit-Sharing Plans
  • Simple IRAs
  • SEP IRAs

Reach out to us, and we’re glad to talk!

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